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EU simulation games in Southeast Europe



Materials for Download:

Albanian version

Version for BiH/HR/MNE/SRB/Kosovo

Makedonian version

The simulation game 'Creating a New Europe' simulates the negotiations and decision-making processes for the integration of South-Eastern European countries into the European Union.

The participants take on realistic roles and act as members of the European Parliament, the European Commission, European foreign ministers and representatives of the EU candidate countries from the Balkans.

They learn how complex and protracted a process it is to make political decisions, and how many interests and standpoints there are when it comes to discussing EU expansion. They also gain an insight into how EU institutions function.

[EU simulation game in Podgorica, Montenegro]


Through learning by doing, they acquire relevant key skills in reading competence, formulating positions and opinions, leading negotiations and seeking out compromises. One aspect of the pedagogical concept is that the simulation games take place in city council chambers or in parliamentary buildings and that the young people are appropriately dressed. In this way they are each better able to slip into the role of a politician who often faces difficult and complex tasks.

Since June 1st, 2009, Pharos is the responsible organisation for supporting teams of facilitators in 7 countries in Southeast Europe. These teams are expected to offer, on a regular basis, simulation games to school and university students in their countries.

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